Ars Politica - Ep19: The Iliad, 1-4

Published on: 13th March, 2021


  1. Books 1-4 - The Anger of Achilles
  2. The Homeric Epic: 
  3. epic = long, gods, heroes, war, adventure. 
  4. Primary cultural texts for ancient civ. 
  5. Ed tools, moral framework, proper behavior. 
  6. Historical accounts?
  7. What it means to be human.
  8. Influence on literature, philosophy, theology, art, architecture, politics.
  9. Background: gods and goddesses, wedding on Mt. Ida., Rape of Helen, Greeks to honor oaths to Helen’s husband.
  10. 1 The Homeric Question
  11. The Iliad begins in medias res: “in the middle of the subject.”
  12. The Quarrel and the elite warrior ethos
  13. Greeks fight for Timé and Kleos - honor and glory. Trojans fight for these and for country, home, hearth.
  14. Agamemnon dishonors Achilles, Achilles withdraws
  15. Whole story is the result of Achilles’ withdrawal
  16. 2 Epic List
  17. Historicity verified in archeological digs. 
  18. 3 The Duel: 
  19. History of the duel.
  20. Whole armies represented by individual leaders
  21. 4 The Truce Broken: 
  22. Covenant made by one top leader binds all beneath him
  23. Contrast between ancient and modern value systems
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